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Links of the month (April Edition)

Another month has past and after Build we had a lot to do (or still have to). The problem is that Microsoft (and especially the Azure team) is still delivering new stuff. Today I have some interesting readings from April. It ranges from ASP.NET Identity over Application Insights to the announcement of TypeScript 1.0 … and of course the newest releases on Microsoft Azure.

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Links of the month (February Edition)

Another month has passed and today I have a lot of articles about ASP.NET and its Identity framework for you. And, as always, there is a little bit of Windows Azure.

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Links of the week

Welcome back to the links of the week! It is Sunday and another week is gone. Like in the lasts weeks there were some small announcements for Windows Azure, but lets have a look at my links of the week.

Windows Azure


– Jan (@Horizon_Net)