Links of the year (2013 Edition)

Hello and a happy new year! Last year I started the links of the month. Today I like to point you to some of the best articles I have seen in 2013. It was a great year, especially if your primarily working with Windows Azure.

Windows Azure

Web Development




Windows 8

Windows Phone 8


  • Now with Hive compatibility – MongoDB in the past was a great NoSQL storage system. In the last week the team has added some great features around Big Data and Hadoop. Last month Hive compatibility was added to MongoDB. This article gives a short overview.



  • AngularJS-Learning – A collection of useful resources which makes learning AngularJS more easy.
  • dat – An initiative that seeks to increase the traction of the open data movement by providing better tools for collaboration.
  • Frontdesk – A list of useful things for front-end developers
  • frontend-dev-bookmarks – A list of resources  for front-end development
  • Choosing an Open Source License
  • ideas – A collection of ideas for computing.
  • metro-bootstrap – Twitter bootstrap with Metro style.
  • Web Essentials 2013 – A project of Mads Kristensen for the Web Essentials plugin for Visual Studio 2013
  • RethinkDB – An open-source distributed JSON document database.
  • Definitely Typed – TypeScript definitions of popular frameworks.
  • Balanced Dashboard – An e-commerce dashboard with an amazing demo.
  • Favicon Cheat Sheet – All web developer use it, but no one is really taking care about it – The favicon. This guide helps you to build a great favicon for your site.
  • Sparkey – Do you love to listen to Spotify? This project comes from the Spotify team, but has nothing to do with music. Sparkey is a key/value storage library, built for read-heavy systems.
  • 3D File Diffs – Explains an update of the GitHub 3D file viewer.

Have fun!

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

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