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Links of the month (August Edition)

Hello and welcome back to the links of the month. Another month and like before there were some new features in Windows Azure. Today I don’t want to set the focus on Windows Azure. Instead I want to point out some great articles about MongoDB, Web API, etc. Also I have found three GitHub projects which are worth a look. So, let’s get started!

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Links of the month (June Edition)

Hello and welcome back to the links of the month. As a developer, who is mainly focused on Microsoft platforms, it was an amazing month. With the Build conference behind us, a lot of improvements to Windows Azure, the preview of Windows 8.1, and the preview of Visual Studio 2013, I have a bunch of links for you.

With this post I like to introduce a new category: GitHub. It will contain interesting projects I saw on GitHub.

Special attention I want to pay to something I think every programmer wants to do: Changing the world! AzureDevs – Changing the world through code is something you should definitively have a look at.

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Links of the month (March Edition)

Hi and welcome everybody to the first links of the month. With this March Edition I will change the links of the week into the links of the month, because I like to concentrate myself more on working on new tutorials which I can publish here. The links of the month will be published in the first week of a month and will show you what has happened the month before.

March was exciting month for Windows Azure developers. A lot of new things were published like some really cool updates to the Windows Azure Mobile Services or HDInsight. Continue reading

Links of the week

Hello and welcome back to the links of the week. In contrast to my normal topics for the links of the week I have no link about Windows Azure today, but the four I will present today are four which most app developers should know (except the first one).

Before I start I like to take your attention to my blogs list. I started this page to give you an overview about helpful sites. Since the initial creation I have updated it today with a link to Pluralsight which is a great site if you are looking for trainings for several technologies.

The first one is called modern.IE. You probably have heard about this site. It is a dev center with free tools and resources which should help developers to focus on the thing they should do and love – development.

Like you may have heard the Team Foundation Service now supports Git. Andy Lewis gives an introduction how you can create a Git project and helps you to get started.

Beside version control test your application is another important part of the application lifecycle management. Vinay Krishna gives an introduction to the Windows Phone Unit Test capabilities with the Visual Studio 2012 Update 2.

One thing you normally have to do during the app development is to make it available for more markets. That means you have to localize your app. Dan Zucker gives you on this post some tips how you can achieve this goal.

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Links of the week

Hello and welcome back to the links of the week. Today I like to start with a little bit of self-promotion. This week it was a great pleasure for me to be covered with Windows Azure Mobile Services Content Update in the Windows Azure Community News Roundup. I like to say a big thanks you to Nick Harris aka @cloudnick, who was so kind to share the information to this update with me. Beside this post I have some nice articles about Windows Phone, Windows Azure, and – for the first time – Amazon Web Services for you. So lets start! Continue reading

Links of the week

First of all: I wish you all a happy new year with health, luck, and all the rest which is needed for a happy life.

Like 2012 ends I like to start the new year with the links of the week. Today I only have five links for you, but they are really great.

Lets start with the first one – Windows 8 – Let’s start. This one summarizes the training content of the Windows Phone 8 Jump Start, which is, like all Jump Start trainings, the best way to start with a new technology.

A challenge I really fall in love is back – Rock Paper Azure. If you want to write your own bot and start competing against others: This is for you! I participated in that challenge a few time and, thanks to the great team, had the chance to open two competitions on my own: One for the German Microsoft Student Partners and one for the participants of the Cloud Computing lecture at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.

If you are an ASP.NET MVC developer and love to work with Windows Azure – there is a new tutorial series available for ASP.NET MVC 4 with Windows Azure Tables, Blobs, and Queues.

To make this post complete I have two links for you which gets you started with SignalR:

Links of the week

Hello and welcome everybody for todays links of the week. This week three new tutorials about SQL Server in a Windows Azure Virtual Machine were made available:

  • Connect to SQL Server in the same cloud service
  • Connect to SQL Server in a different cloud service
  • Connect ASP.NET application to SQL Server in Windows Azure via Virtual Network

Also I find some links about Windows Phone 8: