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Mehrere Apps, ein Backend: Windows Azure Mobile Services in der Praxis (Slides, Demo & Video)

Die Folien, die Demo und das Video von meiner gestrigen MVP Mentor Session “Mehrere Apps, ein Backend: Windows Azure Mobile Services in der Praxis” sind nun online.





Viel Spaß damit!

Links of the month (June Edition)

Hello and welcome back to the links of the month. As a developer, who is mainly focused on Microsoft platforms, it was an amazing month. With the Build conference behind us, a lot of improvements to Windows Azure, the preview of Windows 8.1, and the preview of Visual Studio 2013, I have a bunch of links for you.

With this post I like to introduce a new category: GitHub. It will contain interesting projects I saw on GitHub.

Special attention I want to pay to something I think every programmer wants to do: Changing the world! AzureDevs – Changing the world through code is something you should definitively have a look at.

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Links of the month (May Edition)

Hello and welcome back to the links of the month. It has been a busy month for me. The downside of months like that is that I have a lot of ideas for blog posts, but not the time to write them. To make a long story short, stay tuned for some blog posts I hope I can publish in June. For now I have some blog posts for you which are worth reading. A special attention I want to pay to the post from Sara Soueidan, who has build an amazing demo of a web site which uses a Windows 8 Live Tiles-like style.

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Links of the month (April Edition)

Hello and welcome back to the links of the month. The last time I have introduced you to some enhancements to Windows Azure. I thought March was a big month for Windows Azure, but … what was April for an amazing month! We had the AzureConf the Windows Azure Global Bootcmap last week and some awesome enhancements to Windows Azure. Some of them will be covered in this article.

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Links of the month (March Edition)

Hi and welcome everybody to the first links of the month. With this March Edition I will change the links of the week into the links of the month, because I like to concentrate myself more on working on new tutorials which I can publish here. The links of the month will be published in the first week of a month and will show you what has happened the month before.

March was exciting month for Windows Azure developers. A lot of new things were published like some really cool updates to the Windows Azure Mobile Services or HDInsight. Continue reading

Windows Azure Mobile Services Content Update

On Friday Microsoft has released some additional resources which should help you to get started with the Windows Azure Mobile Services. Here are some details on what has been added:

  • A new Code Samples for Windows Store apps page on WindowsAzure.com
  • An update to the Tutorials and Resources page, which now includes new tutorials and related videos from the new Windows Azure Mobile Services Channel 9 series
  • Five additional Windows Store + Mobile Services scenario based code samples

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Links of the week

Hello everybody and welcome back to the last “links of the week” of the year 2012. Today I want to share three articles about ASP.NET and three articles about Windows Azure with you.


Windows Azure

Links of the week

After two weeks of silence it is time for another links of the week. This week I have five sites covering Windows Azure which should be interesting for you.

The first one is a good example of how you could deal with Big Data in Windows Azure – Weather Forecast on Windows Azure. I first saw this demo on the Windows Azure Train-The-Trainer in Amsterdam during TechEd Europe earlier this year and I’m very happy that this demo still exists.

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that they will reduce the costs for using the Windows Azure Storage. With that they are following Google and Amazon, which also reduced the pricing for their cloud offerings.

During the last weeks I also introduced the Windows Azure Mobile Services in some videos (recorded in German for the Windows Azure YouTube channel). Now Chris Klug has written a nice introduction to the Mobile Services, which I can recommend to read.

Two other remarkable articles come from Josh Twist and Scott Guthrie. On the one hand Josh has written a tutorial how you could access your Mobile Services data from Excel. At the other hand Scott explains some updates to the Mobile Services iOS SDK – which now comes with Push Notifications.

Links of the week

After some silence (this will change during the next weeks – I’m working on a new blog post series) on my blog it is again time for the links of the week. What happened last week?

On Wednesday we had a great Windows AzureConf 2012 with some of the best speakers in the Windows Azure Community. Some of them are Windows Azure Insiders, some of them are MVPs, but, except of the keynote from Scott Guthrie, nobody of the speakers was a Microsoft employee. What does that mean? Real life experience. You will find all the sessions on Channel 9.

One nice thing I find from time to time on the web is a “31 Days of …” series made by Jeff Blankenburg. This time he is working together with Clark Sell and delivers an awesome series of posts about Windows 8. 19 days are already gone, but you will find every single post on 31 Days of Windows 8.

Away from these two remarkable sites I have three additional sites you should have a look at: