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Links of the month (August Edition)

Last month was an amazing month for all who love Microsoft Azure. The release of DocumentDB, some updates to HDInsight and the preview of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning are just a few of these great moments. Some of the announcements can be found in today’s Links of the month, enriched with some articles related to ASP.NET and a very interesting GitHub project.

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Links of the month (June Edition)

Hello and welcome back to the links of the month. As a developer, who is mainly focused on Microsoft platforms, it was an amazing month. With the Build conference behind us, a lot of improvements to Windows Azure, the preview of Windows 8.1, and the preview of Visual Studio 2013, I have a bunch of links for you.

With this post I like to introduce a new category: GitHub. It will contain interesting projects I saw on GitHub.

Special attention I want to pay to something I think every programmer wants to do: Changing the world! AzureDevs – Changing the world through code is something you should definitively have a look at.

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Links of the week

First of all: I wish you all a happy new year with health, luck, and all the rest which is needed for a happy life.

Like 2012 ends I like to start the new year with the links of the week. Today I only have five links for you, but they are really great.

Lets start with the first one – Windows 8 – Let’s start. This one summarizes the training content of the Windows Phone 8 Jump Start, which is, like all Jump Start trainings, the best way to start with a new technology.

A challenge I really fall in love is back – Rock Paper Azure. If you want to write your own bot and start competing against others: This is for you! I participated in that challenge a few time and, thanks to the great team, had the chance to open two competitions on my own: One for the German Microsoft Student Partners and one for the participants of the Cloud Computing lecture at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.

If you are an ASP.NET MVC developer and love to work with Windows Azure – there is a new tutorial series available for ASP.NET MVC 4 with Windows Azure Tables, Blobs, and Queues.

To make this post complete I have two links for you which gets you started with SignalR:

Links of the week

After some silence (this will change during the next weeks – I’m working on a new blog post series) on my blog it is again time for the links of the week. What happened last week?

On Wednesday we had a great Windows AzureConf 2012 with some of the best speakers in the Windows Azure Community. Some of them are Windows Azure Insiders, some of them are MVPs, but, except of the keynote from Scott Guthrie, nobody of the speakers was a Microsoft employee. What does that mean? Real life experience. You will find all the sessions on Channel 9.

One nice thing I find from time to time on the web is a “31 Days of …” series made by Jeff Blankenburg. This time he is working together with Clark Sell and delivers an awesome series of posts about Windows 8. 19 days are already gone, but you will find every single post on 31 Days of Windows 8.

Away from these two remarkable sites I have three additional sites you should have a look at: