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DocumentDB as a data sink for Azure Stream Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) has finally arrived (some time ago). An important part is to analyze sensor data in motion. For that a streaming system is necessary. You could use Apache Storm or Apache Spark Streaming to do that, but if you want to run it as a service on Azure without going through the pain to set up a cluster Azure Stream Analytics is a good choice.

In this post I’m going through the basics of Azure Stream Analytics and DocumentDB, which is used as a destination for our data after the streaming is done, and how you can create a simple Stream Analytics job using Blob storage as the input and DocumentDB as the output.

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Introduction to Azure DocumentDB course @ Opsgility

Today I’m very proud to blog about something which started at the beginning of the year. At that time Michael Washam asked me if I want to create a course for Opsgility. We had some ideas and agreed to work on a course about Azure DocumentDB. At that time this service was still in preview. Today, a few months later, DocumentDB reached GA and several features were added. During the creation of the course a lot of things changed. There are no capacity units anymore, the API changed a little bit, etc. Nevertheless, it is great to see what the DocumentDB team achieved.
At the beginning of the week Opsgility announced that the course is finally available.

So, what is covered in the course? This course aims to give listeners the ability to build their own applications based on DocumentDB. It starts with the basics, understanding what NoSQL databases are and how document-oriented databases fit into them. After the introduction a sample application will be built which uses DocumentDB features such as Stored Procedures, UDFs and many more. You will learn how you can easily monitor and scale DocumentDB. At the end of the course some scenarios are presented to give an idea where DocumentDB could be a good choice.

It was a long journey and I would like to thank the guys at Opsgility, especially Tiffiney Groce and Michael Washam. Michael made it possible to built my own course and Tiffiney helped me a lot during the creation with coordinating everything. Thank you!

So, have fun! If you have feedback about the course I would love to hear it.

Jan (@Horizon_Net)