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Links of the month (December Edition)

The year 2014 has passed with a lot of exciting stuff for a developer, especially in the .NET area. Today’s Links of the month shows what has happened in the last month of this exciting year.

Microsoft Azure





Have fun!

Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Big Data Latest and Greatest

Recently I had the opportunity to give a talk with the topic Big Data Latest and Greatest. Sounds like a marketing session? No, it is not … and I hope you will see it the same way. This blog post tries to extend this session.

What was the big idea behind this session? The Hadoop ecosystem is increasing every month and it is hard to keep in step with the latest versions and products.

That is just an excerpt of a whole bunch of technologies.

In this post we will discuss the following pieces:

Instead of digging deep into the technologies I will try to compare some of them and try to picture some use cases.

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