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DocumentDB as a data sink for Azure Stream Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) has finally arrived (some time ago). An important part is to analyze sensor data in motion. For that a streaming system is necessary. You could use Apache Storm or Apache Spark Streaming to do that, but if you want to run it as a service on Azure without going through the pain to set up a cluster Azure Stream Analytics is a good choice.

In this post I’m going through the basics of Azure Stream Analytics and DocumentDB, which is used as a destination for our data after the streaming is done, and how you can create a simple Stream Analytics job using Blob storage as the input and DocumentDB as the output.

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Continuous Delivery of Azure WebJobs via Git

Continous delivery (or continuous deployment or continuous integration) is an important part of the modern software development lifecycle.
Azure WebJobs on the other hand is a nice little feature to run processes in the background.

This article describes in short why continuous delivery is a good thing, what Azure WebJobs are and how you can use both together.

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Links of the month (November Edition)

It’s getting cold outside and November already arrived and there are just a few days left until Christmas. This means that it is time for another Links of the month.
This issue contains some interesting blog post related to Azure and Apache Spark in general.

Microsoft Azure




Apache Spark


Have fun!

Jan (@Horizon_Net)