Links of the month (September Edition)

Another month has passed with a lot of great new things to discover. Beginning with this Links of the month I will try to add more interesting content related to things outside of the .NET world, such as Hadoop, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Microsoft Azure

– Extensibility and R Support in the Azure ML Platform
– Build a web application with ASP.NET MVC using DocumentDB
– Consuming Azure ML web api endpoint from an array
– Build a Recommendation System for your Blog or Web Site using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Mobile Services
– Azure: SQL Databases, API Management, Media Services, Websites, Role Based Access Contorl and More
– Getting Started with Azure Management Libraries for Java


– An Introduction to ASP.NET vNext
– Using SignalR to power ASP.NET Dashboards
– Asynchronous Programming in Web API/ASP.NET MVC
– Getting started with AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC
– ASP.NET MVC Do’s and Dont’s / Best Practices
– Web API Documentation Tools
– Over 100 ASP.NET Web API samples
– Using D3.js and ASP.NET SignalR for Real-time Data Visualization
– ASP.NET and OAuth
– Decouple OWIN Authorization Server from Resource Server
– Announcing the Release of Web API OData 5.3


– Transitioning from Relational Databases to MongoDB – Data Models
– MongoDB and Hadoop: Driving Business Insights
– MongoDB – State of the R

Machine Learning

– Online Learning and Sub-Linear Debugging
– R: k-Means Clustering on an Image
– Benefits of Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch
– Practical Machine Learning: A New Look At Anomaly Detection


– Extending Spark on YARN for Enterprise Hadoop
– Introducing Apache Tez 0.5: The Developer Release
– Apache Storm 0.9 basic training


– Third Annual Data Challenge Winners
– ASP.NET SignalR C++ Client


– ApacheCon EU 2014


– How to design APIs that last

Have fun!

Jan (@Horizon_Net)

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