Links of the month (January Edition)

The year has just started and there are already new things you can investigate. Today I’m presenting some articles from January which I think are worth reading. This month they are mostly focused on ASP.NET Identity, an authentication framework, which helps to build secure applications more easily.


Windows Azure

  • Getting Started with the Windows Azure WebJobs SDK – With the release of the Azure WebJobs SDK Microsoft provides a framework that simplifies the task of adding background processing to Windows Azure Web Sites. This tutorial helps to get started with it.

Team Foundation Server

Windows 8


  • Webinar: Getting Started with MongoDB – MongoDB, Inc. started a new webinar series about building an application with MongoDB. You should also have a look at the other webinars on this site.
  • 10 Tips to Improve MongoDB Security – Ever wondered how you can secure your MongoDB? Dharshan Rangegowda gives ten tips how you can improve your MongoDB security.
  • Transitioning from Relational Databases to MongoDB – Data Models – It can be hard to get started with NoSQL if you have a strong background in the relational world. You have to forget a lot you have learned over the years. This blog post helps to understand where are differences and where are similarities between document-oriented and relational databases.



  • GitHub Guides – GitHub has published some guides for fundamental things you should know when working with GitHub

Have fun!

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

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