Monthly Archives: February 2014

Updated Blogs section – But How Do I Learn ASP.NET?

I just updated the Blogs section on my site and added the But How Do I Learn ASP.NET? article to it.

I had this blog post on my posts-to-write list for a long time, but Rion Williams was faster. Instead of writing nearly the same I want to highlight and recommend his article. It will help to get you started with ASP.NET and .NET in general. Rion covers helpful links for learning the languages, books you should read, and resources and tutorials.


– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Links of the month (January Edition)

The year has just started and there are already new things you can investigate. Today I’m presenting some articles from January which I think are worth reading. This month they are mostly focused on ASP.NET Identity, an authentication framework, which helps to build secure applications more easily.

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