Links of the month (August Edition)

Hello and welcome back to the links of the month. Another month and like before there were some new features in Windows Azure. Today I don’t want to set the focus on Windows Azure. Instead I want to point out some great articles about MongoDB, Web API, etc. Also I have found three GitHub projects which are worth a look. So, let’s get started!


  • Now with Hive compatibility – MongoDB in the past was a great NoSQL storage system. In the last week the team has added some great features around Big Data and Hadoop. Last month Hive compatibility was added to MongoDB. This article gives a short overview.

Windows Azure


Windows 8



  • NuGet 2.7 Released – Let’s be honest. NuGet has become an everyday tool for .NET developers, but most of the time we don’t think about how great it really is. It’s great to see that a new version was shipped just a week ago.


  • Balanced Dashboard – An e-commerce dashboard with an amazing demo.
  • Favicon Cheat Sheet – All web developer use it, but no one is really taking care about it – The favicon. This guide helps you to build a great favicon for your site.
  • Sparkey – Do you love to listen to Spotify? This project comes from the Spotify team, but has nothing to do with music. Sparkey is a key/value storage library, built for read-heavy systems.

Have fun!

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

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