Links of the week

Hello and welcome back to the links of the week. Today I like to start with a little bit of self-promotion. This week it was a great pleasure for me to be covered with Windows Azure Mobile Services Content Update in the Windows Azure Community News Roundup. I like to say a big thanks you to Nick Harris aka @cloudnick, who was so kind to share the information to this update with me. Beside this post I have some nice articles about Windows Phone, Windows Azure, and – for the first time – Amazon Web Services for you. So lets start!

8 Tips for Designing Windows Phone Apps is a great article about what’s should be the focus for every app: The customer. It helps to satisfy the users of your Windows Phone 8 app.

The next article is also about Windows Phone 8. Microsoft just launched the Windows Phone’s Next App Star contest. Until March 5th you have the chance to participate. Why should you care about this contest? If you do well in this contest you have the chance to be featured in a Windows Phone primetime TV ad in the US.

As a premier I like to cover to cover two GitHub repositories. The first one is the Azure Mobile C# SDK which offers a platform agnostic C# SDK for the Azure Mobile Services. The second one is the web dev checklist which was created by Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Mads Kristensen. You can see it on Why I’m talking about that checklist? Because it’s great! The Windows Azure Insiders, inspired by the work of Sayed and Mads, are currently working on a Windows Azure Checklist. I can promise you that this site will grow fast in the future.

At the beginning I have said that I like to cover one article which normally not fits into the topics I’m covering on my blog – Amazon Web Services. A few days ago I saw an article written by Richard Seroter about Interacting with Cloud From Visual Studio: Amazon Web Services. What should I say about this article: It’s great! What have I done after I read this one? I downloaded the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio and have activated an Amazon Web Services account.
But you’re normally working with Windows Azure! That’s right, but for me it’s important to have a feeling for the things others do, so I can make the right decision when it comes to the decision what platform should be used in a project. Just give it a try!

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

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