Links of the week

Hello and welcome back to the links of the week. The new year has started and all the bloggers around the world continue to produce great content on their sites. Today I have three Windows Azure articles which I really found interesting.

Lets start with an article at Windows Azure Insider from one of my favorite Windows Azure blogger: Bruno Terkaly. Windows Azure Web Sites: Quick-and-Easy Hosting as a Service gives you a nice introduction to the Windows Azure Web Sites with a small sample.

Another one which should be more interesting for IT-Pros was published at the Windows Azure blog. Automating the cloud with Windows Azure Command Line Tools lists some posts you should read if you want to gain a deeper knowledge of Powershell in combination with Windows Azure.

The last post was created by Maarten Balliauw. Tales from the trenches: resizing a Windows Azure virtual disk the smooth way shows an easy, alternative way how you can resize a Windows Azure virtual disk when you need it.

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)


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