My year 2012

After 50 blog posts in the year 2012 this should be my last one this year. So lets summarize what had happen on my blog in 2012.

Some months back ago I decided to start my own blog after I have thought about it for a while. It all started with some tutorials about Data Binding and the Windows Workflow Foundation. Because I have learned a lot from other blog writers I decided to start a weekly series about my favorite links of the week, which other people should help when working with some Microsoft technologies.

But my favorite in 2012 was something Microsoft Germany has offered to me: Five video series about some of the really cool features in Windows Azure for the German Windows Azure community.

In 2013 I hope that I can create some cool tutorials, how tos, and videos which should help others. So the only words left to say for me is: I wish you all a happy new year 2013 and some relaxing holidays!

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)


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