App-Review: Conquer

With this article I like to introduce a new category to my blog: App-Review. What is the idea behind this category? A couple of days ago I had a look at the Windows 8 app Conquer made by Tamay Gündüz und thought “This is a cool app, why shouldn’t you write about it?

I would like to publish an App-Review every Saturday, regardless of whether it is for Windows 8 or for Windows Phone 7. In the case you have developed a cool app or you know one: Just leave a comment on my blog and I will have a look at it.

Let us jump to the app of the day: Conquer. If you know the board game Risk you will be familiar with this app. Conquer is a round-based multiplayer game, which is based on Risk. Here is a short video, which will give you a first impression of Conquer:

Who is the guy behind Conquer?

Tamay Gündüz, who is a student at the university of Hamburg, has built Conquer within the German Windows 8 App Revolution. From a large numbers of contributions he has made the first place.

Is this the final version of Conquer?

Tamay is constantly working on Conquer and will add features in the future. Currently there is an update in the Windows Store review process. If you have any feedback for him: Just let him know.

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

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