Kick-off a.k.a. why another blog

Why another blog?

Probably the best and most important question. I have thought a long time about to create my own blog. After I have made my first experiences as an author on TechNet WikiNinjas it is time for the kick-off. Like other blogs have helped me to solve problems, gain knowledge and get in contact with people the purpose of this blog is to help others. It should be a source of information and provide help for several topics and problems.

Because I’m holding a lot of workshops and presentations this blog should also contain deeper explanations for subjects and samples.

Stop, just for a moment! Who are you?

Good point. It should be clearified, because it could be important.

Hi, my name is Jan Hentschel and I’m a .NET developer, Microsoft Expert Student Partner, Windows 8 trainer and Windows Azure Insider.

Ok! What should this blog be all about? Do you like to discuss your private life?

No, I don’t like to discuss something private. This blog is all about technology. Today my focus is Windows Azure and Windows 8, but I like to write about other interesting things related to software development. Additionally, I like to discuss problems I see often in forums in a vivid way.

To make a long story short: Everything I like to talk about Winking smile

Are you writing new blog articles weekly, daily or hourly?

I would like to see a new post every day, but like it is with most things … there is not enough time and a private life is a nice thing. New articles will be published at an unregular intervals, but I try to publish something new every week.

Ok, this post is in English, but I have seen some German content on your site. Why?

Because I’m from Germany I also like to provide articles for the German community, but every article, where it makes sense, will be published in English, too.

How can I contact you?

The best way would be to meet me in person at several events, workshops, etc. Because in some cases it is a long way to travel around the world. there is a contact form on my site. For short messages you could also reach me on Twitter (@Horizon_Net).

Do you have some closing words?

Have a lot of fun with my blog and I would like to hear from you through feedback and comments.

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

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