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Links of the week

Another week is gone and it is time for the links of the week. This week I have some articles about Windows 8 and Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Windows Azure

Windows 8


– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Windows Azure Learning Resources for App Developers

Today I was once again asked: Jan, do you have any tutorials, topics or sites which you can recommend for me as an app developer to get started with Windows Azure? Yes, I have some and because I get this question very often I like to bundle the best sites in a single blog post.

Here are my top 10 resources to learn Windows Azure as an app developer:

  1. The official site of Windows Azure
  2. Windows Azure Mobile Services
  3. Data Services
  4. Windows Azure Training Kit
  5. Learn Windows Azure
  6. Windows Azure Events on Channel 9
  7. Blog of Scott Guthrie
  8. Windows Azure Team Blog
  9. Blog of Brian H. Prince
  10. Blog of Steve Marx

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Links of the week

Welcome to the links of the week! Because I’m currently writing some how-tos for the German Windows Azure site there were no new articles on my blog this week, but some other people were really busy so I would like to share their post and articles with you (with a lot of announcement for Windows Azure).


Windows Azure

Windows 8

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Links der Woche

Herzlich willkommen zu den Links der Woche! Mit diesem Post möchte ich eine neue Serie von Artikeln auf diesem Blog starten.

Was ist der Grund für diese neue Kategorie?

Es gibt wirklich viele gute Blogs dort draußen. Viele Sachen, die ich weiß, habe ich von diesen Blogs gelernt. Aus diesem Grund möchte ich einmal pro Woche den Fokus auf Neuerscheinungen in diesen Blogs lenken.

Da diese der erste Post in dieser Kategorie ist, werden die folgenden Links nicht exklusiv aus der letzen Woche sein, sondern alle die sich zurzeit in meiner Favoritenliste befinden.


Windows Azure

Windows 8

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Links of the week

Welcome to the links of the week! With this post I like to introduce a new series of posts at this blog.

What is the purpose of this new category?

There are a many of great blogs out there. Most of the things I have learned are from blogs. That is the reason why I would like to highlight these blogs and the authors behind them.

Because this is the first post in this category the following resources are not from the last week. Today I would like to present the sites which are the favorites in my link list.

Windows 8


  • ClosedXML – A great library to work with Excel 2007/2010

Team Foundation Server


  • ASP.NET – The best site for ASP.NET ever


  • toastr – A great library for notifications – See also John Papas post.
  • Metro JS – Bring the “Metro” style to the web

Windows Azure

Windows Phone 7

– Jan (@Horizon_Net)

Data Binding explained

Data binding is a great way to display your data. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you the basics of data binding. If you are already familiar with data binding you can skip this tutorial.

What is data binding

Data binding provides a simple and consistent way for applications to present and interact with data. Elements can be bound to data from a variety of data sources in the form of common language runtime (CLR) objects and XML. ContentControls such as Button and ItemsControls such as ListBox and ListView have built-in functionality to enable flexible styling of single data items or collections of data items. Sort, filter, and group views can be generated on top of the data. Continue reading

Data Binding leicht gemacht

Datenbindung ist ein großartiger Weg um Daten anzuzeigen. Diese Schritt für Schritt Anleitung wird dir die Grundlagen der Datenbindung zeigen. Wenn du bereits Erfahrung mit Datenbindung hast, kannst du dieses Tutorial beruhigt übergehen.

Was ist Datenbindung

Datenbindung bietet einen konsistenten Weg für Applikationen um Daten anzuzeigen und mit ihnen zu interagieren. Elemente können an Daten gebunden werden, die aus verschiedenen Quellen in der Form von Common Language Runtime (CLR)-Objekten oder XML kommen. ContentControls wie ein Button oder ItemsControls wie eine ListBox oder ein ListView habe integrierte Funktionalität um eine flexible Darstellung von einzelnen Daten oder Listen von Daten zu ermöglichen. Das Sortieren, Filtern und Gruppieren kann auf diesen Daten generiert werden. Continue reading

Windows Workflow Foundation with ASP.NET


Windows Workflow Foundation is a great technology for creating workflows. It can be used in combination with different technologies, for example SharePoint, WCF, etc. In this article we will combine the Windows Workflow Foundation with ASP.NET.

You will learn how to build a simple workflow with an input and an output and how to integrate this workflow in a simple ASP.NET application.

The download contains the code files of the sample ASP.NET website and Windows Workflow foundation workflow which are used in the greeting example of this article. Continue reading

Windows Workflow Foundation mit ASP.NET


Windows Workflow Foundation ist eine großartige Technologie um Workflows zu erstellen. Diese können in verschiedenen anderen Technologien benutzen werden, wie beispielsweise SharePoint, WCF, etc. In diesem Beispiel wollen wir die Windows Workflow Foundation und ASP.NET kombinieren.

In diesem Beispiel lernst du wie man einen einfachen Workflow erstellt, der einen Eingabe- und einen Ausgabeparameter hat. Nach der Erstellung des Workflow werden wir diesen in eine einfache ASP.NET-Applikation integrieren.

Das Projekt ist als Download auf der MSDN Beispiel-Seite verfügbar. Continue reading

Kick-off a.k.a. why another blog

Why another blog?

Probably the best and most important question. I have thought a long time about to create my own blog. After I have made my first experiences as an author on TechNet WikiNinjas it is time for the kick-off. Like other blogs have helped me to solve problems, gain knowledge and get in contact with people the purpose of this blog is to help others. It should be a source of information and provide help for several topics and problems.

Because I’m holding a lot of workshops and presentations this blog should also contain deeper explanations for subjects and samples. Continue reading